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Workshops Photography - Flash techniques - creative lighting

Are you a photographer and do you want to get even more out of your photography? And take better, more professional and creative photos? You can! With one of these workshops or photowalks, Arno can help you with that as a passionate and experienced photographer! Arno is the specialist in flash techniques and the creative use of light.

You learn everything you need to know to become a creative and successful photographer! Your images become more creative, the compositions become more dynamic, you distinguish yourself with your images and yet you remain within your own style! Take other photos than the rest and take a huge step in your development!

Get the best out of yourself!

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be more than you are now”

Workshops voor fotografen:

#Flash Technique workshop

  • Is your flash still in your bag and you want to learn how to use the flash? This is possible!
  • What we are going to deal with:
  • How do I use flash lights
  • Setting your camera + flash units
  • TTL, HSS en Manual flash
  • Composition – Light – Moment
  • Working with MagMod
  • MagBox (Softbox)
  • Using flash on every location
  • Tips & Tricks and a lot more...
  • Including:
  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Delicious lunch
  • Unique #BeDifferent textbook
  • Important:
  • For everyone who wants to learn how to flash!
  • 6 seats
  • Location: #BeCreative Helmond
  • 10.30 – 16.00
  • Price 255,-
  • (Including taxes)

#BeCreative XL workshop

  • This workshop is all about dealing with all types of light and composition.
  • What we are going to deal with:
  • Flash Techniques
  • MagMod & Lightshapers
  • Continu lighting (Rotolight)
  • From boring locations to WOW
  • Lightbounce technique
  • Lightpainting + Bokehlicious
  • A lot of practising
  • Tips & Tricks
  • And a lot more...
  • Including:
  • Lunch, snacks, drinks
  • Dinner
  • Creative evening shoot
  • Unique #BeDifferent textbook
  • Important:
  • 12 seats
  • CacaoFabriek Helmond
  • 10.00 – 22.30
  • Price 395,-
  • (Including taxes)

#DareToBe Experience Texel

  • Do you also want to photograph more weddings and grow further? Then this is the right workshop!
  • What we are going to deal with:
  • This is the most complete workshop in the field of wedding photography. We are going to talk about flash techniques, creative wedding photography, marketing, sales technique (from request to a booking), our weddings, our method, post-processing etc.
  • Including:
  • Stay in a very luxurious villa on Texel
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Own chef
  • Portfolioshoot on the beach
  • Important:
  • All-Inclusive stay
  • 12 seats
  • Location: private villa Texel
  • 4 days (11 up to 15-11-2019)
  • Price 1195,-
  • (Excluding taxes)

#BeCreative PhotoWalk

  • Photowalk with learning objectives and including the new #BoostYourCreativity book!
  • Personal guidance:
  • During this photowalk we will go to Strijp-S together with the #BeCreative photo team + models. You work creatively with flash units, Rotolight, MagMods, etc. under supervision. Ideal to develop your skills!
  • What are we going to do?
  • Flash techniques + Rotolight
  • From boring locations to WOW
  • Practicing a lot with Magmod
  • Update your skills in practice
  • Practising a lot
  • Important:
  • Bring your camera + flash units!
  • Location: Strijp-S Eindhoven
  • Period: 19.00 till 22.30
  • 19.30 – 22.00
  • Price 95,-
  • (Including taxes)

Workshop flash techniques

The #BeCreative workshop focuses on creative light, flash technology and composition, including Magmods, Speedlites, Rotolight and other lighting techniques. I like to work with the latest creative techniques because as a mentor you always have to keep developing yourself. I am happy to help you further develop and distinguish yourself. After participating in our workshops or a photo walk, you simply cannot wait to get creative with your cameras and with everything you have learned.

Workshops for photographers

What have you not yet mastered or are you very curious about? You learn it here! Every photographer is welcome, both beginners and advanced. We have several inspiring and intensive workshops for photographers who want to go that extra mile. Arno is a MagMod Master, Rotolight and Deodolight ambassador and can teach you all tips & tricks and the latest techniques as an experienced photographer. How do your compositions become even more dynamic?

You can choose from different workshops: The #BeExclusive workshop is a private workshop that is personally tailored to what you want to learn. The wedding photography workshop is aimed at everything that has to do with wedding photography and as a wedding photographer you shouldn’t have missed it! In fact, simply the most unique wedding photography workshop that you can imagine.

Experiences / Reviews:

What did the participants think of our workshops?

Nicoline Hanenberg:
I attended the #BeCreative XL Workshop with Arno de Bruijn and hoped to get answers to questions such as: when and how do I use a flash and what can I do with it? I have received answers to all these questions. Really a super flash technology workshop! I avoided the flash because I did not know what I could do with it, I am sure it will now be used. I found his way of telling so fantastic: open, honest and full of passion!

Erwin Beckers:
Last week I did the #BeCreative private workshop on flash technology at Arno and it was great! I thought I could flash reasonably well, but what you do with it … WOW! I have the feeling that my flash units are now completely under control and that it is no longer a lucky shot now and then. Arno explains everything super clearly, answers all questions and holds nothing back. Highly recommended for any photographer who wants to take creative flash photos. Arno, thank you very much !!!

Rianne Hogewoning:
To be coached for one year by one of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands was crazy for me! And then he turns out to be a very nice person to deal with. That promises something for the rest of the year!

Jorik Algra:
What a must! Arno is really honest and wonderfully sincere so that you can grow considerably. I am still busy processing the tips and tricks I received that day. what an info! Arno Thanks!

Mariska Honey:
Arno is really a winner! I was a student with you for a year and you brought me to a higher and award winning level. Arno, you make beautiful images and you are also a sweet person!

Jos Groen:
Half a day of theory which was explained in a relaxed and understandable way, all supported by a beautiful presentation. Then, under the guidance of Arno, I started working on location to make super photos in which a boring parking garage turned into an oasis of beautiful colors. After a delicious dinner in the evening we again practiced with flash units to gain knowledge in the field of flash technology at difficult locations. After the workshop we were surprised with the #BeCreative book written by the Master of Light Arno!

You will still be taking your
most beautiful and more creative photos!

You are as good as your last photo. Do you want to get even more out of your photography? We teach you everything you need to know to become a creative and successful photographer. We are happy to share our knowledge and inspiration and take you to a higher level!